My Travel Bag – Nutrition

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.56.15 AM.png

Here’s what’s left of my travel food + vitamin supply. I already ate my stash of Picky Bars so those are missing 😳

Top left to right

  • Vital Proteins collagen looking suspect in that plastic baggie
  • Slow FE iron
  • Hot chocolate mix I picked up in Paris (also usually a bar of dark dark chocolate)
  • @maurten_official Gel (I brought the drink powder as well but used it up already)
  • Nuun electrolyte tabs
  • Emergen C (about 7 more where that came from)
  • Werthers hard candy 👵🏼
  • Gelatin (sometimes put this in oats instead of the collagen)
  • @gardenoflife protein (I try to eat 2 meals plant based a day, this helps keep protein intake up. Also the collagen)
  • Tea from England (What is galangal?!)
  • @kleanathlete Vitamin D (also a Naturemade multi)

Paris 800

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.44.09 AM.png

Place: 5th, Time: 1:59.3 (PR)

I ran a season best in the 800 at the Paris Diamond League today. 1:59.3, which is also a huge improvement from the Birmingham race last Sunday.

I’d be lying if I said the race last week didn’t shake me. Even though I know each race is unique and the conditions make a difference, it’s not easy on the ego to post a slow time.

I also feel like I’m re-learning how to run the 800 from a more distance -based training. I get out relatively fast but I’m trailing a majority of the field at 200. In Birmingham I just ran into people and lost momentum. Today I was a bit better at keeping my pace and pulling wide to pass when necessary. It helped that the field was more strung out.

Of course I always want a little more, a little faster. But I’m also happy to be here, running, learning. It was a beautiful night and the stadium was impressive and the crowd was engaged. Paris does not disappoint.

Photo exchange from @ilariafedeli66 in zurich

Birmingham 800

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.09.39 AM.png

Place: 7th, Time: 2:03.1

I never feel the need to apologize for races like I do after this. Won’t drone on, but I do want to say I notice and appreciate the support last week. And I’m sorry there wasn’t more to show for it on the day. Conditions were … not ideal. And that can be an excuse for times, but not really for place. Probably could come up with some other angle. But I don’t see how that’s productive. X

My Race Travel Bag, 2019

I keep these kits pre-packed so I can easily add them to my overnight or plane bag. I use zip-lock bags, which are nice for visibility, but not the prettiest.

Overnight travel kit

  • Earplugs – Macks Ultra Soft Foam. Yes, you can find generic versions in drugstores, no, I don’t think they are the same. The foam in these is better. (I prefer foam, I don’t like that my hair gets caught in wax).
  • Eye mask – Tempur-Pedic The Sleep Mask was my all time favorite. But I lost it, so the one I’m using right now is a slightly cheaper version. And for quick overnights I’ll just use a generic thin one, the kind you get on international flights.
  • Face mask
  • Quick supplies – lint roller, pen, chapstick
  • Sentimental/grounding keepsakes – Necklace, rock, crystal
  • Generic Drugs just in case – Ibuprofen, Midol, Benadryl, extra Iron supplement⠀ ⠀

Long travel kit

  • Passport
  • Neck pillow – I bought one years ago at an airport shop in Germany I think. It does the job.
  • Alcohol wipes – for the planes and hotel surfaces, just a pack of wet wipes I bought at the airport
  • Body wipes – for bathroom shower after flight sleeps or on layovers.
  • Bamboo Travel Utensils – To-Go Ware Set. My mom re-gifted these to me years ago, and I’ve used them more than any recent purchase.
  • Universal travel adapter – The all-in-one feature is convenient. But the various configurations can sometimes be a bit finicky, as in they get pushed back into the device if I have to apply pressure when inserting into the outlet.
  • Charging cords – one universal and one for my iPhone and wall plug
  • External charger
  • Plane ear buds (just re-use a set I bought once on a flight)