Boston 1000 and Pacing AR

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3000 – Paced 2k at 5:40. 1000 – Place: 1st, Time: 2:35 (PR)

Racing is fun, cheering is also fun. I paced Karissa, Shelby, and Colleen to new personal bests, and Karissa took the win for a new American Record in the 3000m. Top that with the Olympic marathon trials today, I’m emotional and inspired and the weekend isn’t even over yet.

Here’s the 3000.

And this is the 1k I ran the next day.
Photo @talbotcox

USA v Europe 1500

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 3.45.13 PM.png
Photo by Alexander Shelegov

Place: 1st, Time: 4:02.5 (PR)

And that’s the end of the Euro trip. 5 weeks, 5 races, 6 countries, and I’m on the plane home 🎉🎉
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The race last night was fast because of Shannon Osika . She was going for the Olympic standard, and told us before that she wanted to make it an honest pace. It was courageous and bold and she’s clearly ready to run the standard.
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I was coming off a cold, so I wasn’t sure if that was going to have an impact. It didn’t seem to once we got going. I starting winding down with a lap to go and took it from 300 out. That final lap is coming together. I’m actually racing, not just holding on. Im so thankful to be able to end on a high note, strong and healthy this late in the year. And taking home the win for USA is special. I love the team atmosphere.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
This has been far from a perfect season. I felt like I was frustrated more often than celebrating. And the near misses seemed to just keep piling. But the calm determination and excitement I’ve had going into my last two meets is something I haven’t felt in a while. Longer than I’d care to admit. I’ve been enjoying the races. Not looking past the finish line, toward the post race dinner, or the next day travel, or the future race possibility. If I end this season with renewed focus and motivation going into 2020 (plus memorable experiences and new and old friends), I can live with the rest of it.

Rolling Stones said it best. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime find, you get what you need.

Zagreb 1500

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.41.27 AM

Place: 1st, Time: 4:07.9

There’s rarely a perfect setup. Pacers or conditions will be off. If you can go for the win, take it.
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The race last night felt more like a local festival that a big stadium experience. In the best way. They had a marching band, the stands overflowed onto grassy hills where people could still see the track. The music was good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
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(Photo is from @ilariafedeli66 in Zurich, not Zagreb. I haven’t seen any good ones from last night)

Zurich 800


Place: 2nd, Time: 2:00.6

The Zurich Diamond League meeting is incredible. It’s just great entertainment. The crowd was engaged, giving huge cheers for every event. And because my race was early I got to watch more of the show.

Personal note… I’m feeling a bit the bridesmaid recently in races. I’m running decent but not winning, learning but not fully executing. Maybe it’s just the season. I catch myself daydreaming about being home. Thanks to friends who remind me that this is why we train: racing, great crowds, fierce matchups. I’m trying to really soak in the opportunities and places this time around.

Photos from @ilariafedeli66