Don’t you dare miss this

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Nicole Antoinette’s weekly email series “Notes of Grit and Grace” is back and her first week’s topic was exactly what I needed to read. It was about appreciating the moments as they are happening, not waiting for your future perfect life to start, or getting so excited about the next thing (see my last post) that you forget the days in between. She says it better than me, so here’s a quick excerpt:⁠

… I have a tendency to categorize certain things as my “real” life and other things as just temporary, but the truth is that every moment is your real life. Whether you’re on a beautiful hike or crying over a breakup, whether you’re laughing or pooping or working or reading, whether you’re excited or bored, angry or aroused—it’s all your real life.⁠⠀
Every minute. ⁠⠀
Don’t you dare miss it.


Photo from Roll Recovery