I travel quite a bit for training and competitions, and I get a lot of bodywork to help handle the high training loads. Here is a list of professionals around the country whom I have used and trust. Organized by location!

(updated Nov, 2018)

Portland, OR

  • Jessica Dorrington, PT – Therapeutic Associates (speciality is Pelvic Floor PT)
  • Karl Kolbeck, PT – Rose City PT, for physical therapy and manual therapy
  • Alexis Goldstein – Anatomy Acupuncture, sports medicine acupuncture
  • Justin Whittaker – Whittaker Wellness, chiropractic (I appreciate that he only sparingly does back and neck adjustments)
  • Ray McClanahan, DPM – podiatrist at Northwest Foot & Ankle
  • Ryan Minarik, ND – Dr. Minarik administered PRP in my foot in 2015, and I had a positive experience and full recovery.
  • Richelle Ricard – massage, also a bit of a life coach and healer. I saw Richelle for massage when I lived in Bend and Seattle, but she just recently moved to Portland.

Bend, OR

  • Jay Dicharry, PT – Rebound PT. Jay is the person I still call for quick advice if something is off. His concept of the runner body is the foundation of my functional understanding, and how I direct my problem solving when injuries pop up. If you don’t live nearby, he has two books that give a good overview of his principles, and key exercises:
  • Justine Lucia – sports massage (may be on sabbatical)

Seattle, WA

  • Julie Johnson – Seattle Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 206-729-1405
  • Kimberly Harmon, MD
    • Kim is the doctor who oversaw my PRP treatment for plantar fasciitis in 2013, in conjunction with Jay Dicharry. It was a superb experience, I healed fully with no relapses. I am more and more thankful for her care, as I see friends and peers dealing with a plantar hell-scape of ineffective treatments, constant relapses, and as a result, either inconsistent or non-existent training.
    • The treatment plan I followed included ultrasound-guided PRP injection, full, booted rest for 2 weeks, then a a lot of manual work from Jay and team, and slow walk/run protocol return to training. In all it was about 8 weeks until running any significant mileage (20 miles that week), 12 weeks until any kind of “workout.” It seems like forever, but it worked.

Sacramento, CA

  • Justin Lau, DC – Elite Spinal and Sports Care, chiropractic
  • Tony Mikla and Russ Dunning – Kime Performance PT. Tony and Russ oversaw my lifting program in 2017, in addition to more traditional physical therapy and injury rehab.
  • Paul Salitsky – sports psychologist. Working wth Paul was my first experience with a sports psychologist. He was an essential resource in the lead up to the 2016 Olympic Trials. I used many of his suggestions and tactics that year, and in the following seasons, and I saw a marked improvement in my confidence and attitude in training and races.

Mammoth Lakes, CA

  • Melanie – InTouch, sports massage. Highly recommended if you’re in Mammoth looking for massage! You can book with her through their website.
  • Ryan Swoverland – Massage. Ryan is great, and is familiar with dealing with athletic/runner massage needs.


  • John Ball, DC – Maximum Mobility (Phoenix area). You’d be hard pressed to find an elite American runner who hasn’t been seen by John Ball.
  • Wes Gregg, DC – Hypo2. Dr. Gregg treats many of the athletes who train in Flagstaff. Hypo2 is a base of operations for many groups for their altitude training.
  • Bradley Tremper, LMT – Massage at Hypo2. Bradley is great!

Remote and Web Consult Services

  • Nutrition – Dr. Clyde Wilson. I love Dr Clyde’s approach. He has clear, simple, scientifically-backed guidelines for sports nutrition. I worked with him for a handful of consults in 2014 and ’15. Those sessions were the foundation of my knowledge of sports nutrition, and they are still the framework from which I understand any other advice. The consults aren’t cheap, but a lot of the information is also available on his website and e-books. 
  • Blood Monitoring – Dr. Garret Rock, Athlete Blood Test. I’ve used this in the past, though now I mostly get panels from USATF doctors, or HealthCheckUSA for quick ferritin checks.