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I still don’t know why it happened that way. I do know that life can go awry at any time for any reason. Or for no reason at all. Nothing is deserved. All we can do is make the most of opportunities to create meaning. When a door opens you recognize , and you bust through. And then you continue to work like hell.

I wrote that reflecting on my experience at the 2016 Olympic Trials. Back in early January, before Covid-19 was on anyone’s mind.

“I do know that life can go awry at any time for any reason. Or for no reason at all. Nothing is deserved.” Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so fucking psychic. 😏

The IOC announced they will have a decision on the fate and timing of the Tokyo Olympics in four weeks. There’s a lot up in the air right now. But the directives don’t really change.

All we can do is make the most of opportunities to create meaning. ✅
Continue to work like hell. ✅
Be ready for that opening. ✅

This painting is by the talented @gmilanesi I can’t find the original photographer.


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Patience is defined in Sanskrit not as waiting but as knowing the outcome. And when you know the outcome, you are very methodical, you’re very intentional, you’re very purposeful. – Guru Singh

I pinned this quote originally in regards to summer races. Of course, the meaning changes a bit in light of COVID-19 preparations. Clearly not all outcomes are knowable. But if the only constant is change, we can prepare for that. And those of us being told to wait can do so. And we can support those people in essential jobs and vulnerable populations. And we can come back stronger for it.
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I don’t know if I got this from @mollyhuddle or @richroll or both. Photo from @cortneywhite_

Boston 1000 and Pacing AR

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3000 – Paced 2k at 5:40. 1000 – Place: 1st, Time: 2:35 (PR)

Racing is fun, cheering is also fun. I paced Karissa, Shelby, and Colleen to new personal bests, and Karissa took the win for a new American Record in the 3000m. Top that with the Olympic marathon trials today, I’m emotional and inspired and the weekend isn’t even over yet.

Here’s the 3000.

And this is the 1k I ran the next day.
Photo @talbotcox

Advice for high school athletes

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What advice would you give to a high school runner that they have never heard before?

The other week we did a Q&A at Colorado Running Company. This is a question that stumped us. Any advice we have you’ve probably heard. But I’m thinking maybe that’s the point. Success in training is not going to be about some new secret knowledge. Once you start looking, you could be bombarded with tips and tricks for the rest of your life. The advice business is a good one.
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The key is learning how to digest and combine that knowledge. Who do you trust for you inner team? What is the plan for checking new sources? At what point do you decide you have enough information, and it’s time to put it to the test? How do you account for feedback and some continued learning? Under what circumstances do you change your system?
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Answers to these questions change depending on your timing, goals, and priorities. Are you looking to try out different models of training, or is it time to pick one and work toward improvement in that lane? Is something basic enough that consistency starting NOW is better than the stress and delay that comes with trying to optimize? (Hint: I think for most people, a lot of running falls in this category)

The good news: running is probably one of the most low risk arenas in which to hone research, decision and execution skills. Even if you don’t hit the time goal, you will have improved in those aspects. And you can bring that competence into the rest of the information onslaught that is our world. God speed :)
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Photo from @cortneywhite_ again!!