My Team

Coach: Jerry Schumacher

Strength Coach: Pascal Dobert

Primary Sponsor: Nike

Training Group: Bowerman Track Club

Agent: Paul Doyle, Doyle Management Group


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I travel quite a bit for training and competitions, and I rely on bodywork and exercise science specialists around the country to help handle the high training loads. Here is a list of professionals I have worked with and trust. Organized by location!

(updated May, 2020)

Portland, OR

  • Jessica Dorrington, PT – Therapeutic Associates (speciality is Pelvic Floor PT)
  • Karl Kolbeck, PT – Rose City PT, for physical therapy and manual therapy
  • Alexis Goldstein – Anatomy Acupuncture, sports medicine acupuncture
  • Richelle Ricard – massage, also a bit of a life coach and healer. I saw Richelle for massage when I lived in Bend and Seattle, but she just recently moved to Portland.
  • Justin Whittaker – Whittaker Wellness, chiropractic (Not jarring or quick to crack like chiropractors sometimes are)
  • Ray McClanahan, DPM – podiatrist at Northwest Foot & Ankle. Correct Toes evangelist
  • Ryan Minarik, ND – Dr. Minarik administered PRP in my foot in 2015, and I had a positive experience and full recovery.

Colorado Springs, CO

  • Tony Doneson – Tony is the only provider I see in Colorado Springs outside of the Olympic Training Center. He is a specialist in Active Release Therapy (ART) and he has deep understanding of body mechanics. Helps to address the root of pain, to heal injury or keep small niggles from getting worse.

Park City, UT

  • Collin Bywaters, DPT – he’s in Salt Lake, but he’s the top person I’d recommend in the area for physical therapy or soft tissue work.
  • Massage Envy – It’s a bit annoying having to go through their system. But if you don’t mind or happen to be a member, Justin at Massage Envy (Kimball Junction location) gives a great sport massage.

Seattle, WA

  • Julie Johnson – Seattle Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 206-729-1405
  • Kimberly Harmon, MD
    • Kim is the doctor who oversaw my PRP treatment for plantar fasciitis in 2013, in conjunction with Jay Dicharry. It was a superb experience, I healed fully with no relapses. I am more and more thankful for her care, as I see friends and peers dealing with a plantar hell-scape of ineffective treatments, constant relapses, and as a result, either inconsistent or non-existent training.
    • The treatment plan I followed included ultrasound-guided PRP injection, full, booted rest for 2 weeks, then a lot of manual work from Jay and team, and slow walk/run protocol return to training. In all it was about 8 weeks until running any significant mileage (20 miles that week), 12 weeks until any kind of “workout.” It seems like forever, but it worked.

Bend, OR

    • Jay Dicharry, PT – Rebound PT. Jay is the person I still call for quick advice if something is off. His concept of the runner body is the foundation of my functional understanding, and how I direct my problem solving when injuries pop up. If you don’t live nearby, he has two books that give a good overview of his principles, and key exercises:
    • Justine Lucia – sports massage (may be on sabbatical)

Mammoth Lakes, CA

  • Melanie – InTouch, sports massage. Highly recommended if you’re in Mammoth looking for massage! You can book with her through their website.
  • Ryan Swoverland – Massage. Ryan is great, and is familiar with dealing with athletic/runner massage needs.

Sacramento, CA

  • Justin Lau, DC – Elite Spinal and Sports Care, chiropractic
  • Tony Mikla and Russ Dunning – Kime Performance PT. Tony and Russ oversaw my lifting program in 2017, in addition to more traditional physical therapy and injury rehab. That year culminated in a new personal best, a 2nd place finish at USA Champs and World Championship bid in the 1500.
  • Paul Salitsky – sports psychologist. Working with Paul was my first experience with a sports psychologist. He was an essential resource in the lead up to the 2016 Olympic Trials. I used many of his suggestions and tactics that year, and in the following seasons, and I saw a marked improvement in my confidence and attitude in training and races.


  • John Ball, DC – Maximum Mobility (Phoenix area). You’d be hard pressed to find an elite American runner who hasn’t been seen by John Ball.
  • Wes Gregg, DC – Hypo2. Dr. Gregg treats many of the athletes who train in Flagstaff. Hypo2 is a base of operations for many groups for their altitude training.
  • Bradley Tremper, LMT – Massage at Hypo2. Bradley is great!

Remote and Web Consult Services

  • Nutrition – Dr. Clyde Wilson. I love Dr Clyde’s approach. He has clear, simple, scientifically-backed guidelines for sports nutrition. I worked with him for a handful of consults in 2014 and ’15. Those sessions were the foundation of my knowledge of sports nutrition, and they are still the framework from which I understand any other advice. The consults aren’t cheap, but a lot of the information is also available on his website and e-books. 
  • Blood Monitoring – Dr. Garret Rock, Athlete Blood Test. I’ve used this in the past, though now I mostly get panels from USATF doctors, or HealthCheckUSA for quick ferritin checks.