Great races don’t materialize in a vacuum, but in the months and years leading to that point. I started writing these updates in 2018, a few months after joining the Bowerman Track Club. I was having a rough time in practice and races, and I wanted a way to share what was going on behind the scenes. I hoped there could be something gained from making note of the challenges I was facing.

I believe that progress depends on how we respond to our personal trials, and that the qualities of resiliency, self-awareness, and tenacity can be practiced and improved. I am always trying to better my physical and mental game as I train for international competition and personal bests on the track. I hope that in sharing my process, I might help someone who is going after their own goals.

Posts sometimes start as Instagram captions, but they also live here for easier access. And as this is my only active website, it also functions as a landing page for information on racing, events, and any media or other projects.

Thanks for stopping by!