I started writing these updates about four months after joining the Bowerman Track Club. I was having a rough time in practice and races, and I wanted a way to share what was going on behind the scenes. I believe that progress happens during those challenging periods. Great races don’t materialize in a vacuum, but in the months and years leading to that point. I hoped there could be something gained from making note of the trials I was facing, in training for international competition and my own personal bests and breakthroughs.

I now have weekly notes from March – November 2018, and will continue to post updates here. I’m not sure what will come of this project. I’m being pushed as an athlete as I never have before, I want to find out where that leads, and I want to show you.

Also, as this is my only active website, I’m going to use it as a landing page for information on racing, events, and any media or other projects.

Thanks for stopping by!