My Travel Bag – Nutrition

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.56.15 AM.png

Here’s what’s left of my travel food + vitamin supply. I already ate my stash of Picky Bars so those are missing 😳

Top left to right

  • Vital Proteins collagen looking suspect in that plastic baggie
  • Slow FE iron
  • Hot chocolate mix I picked up in Paris (also usually a bar of dark dark chocolate)
  • @maurten_official Gel (I brought the drink powder as well but used it up already)
  • Nuun electrolyte tabs
  • Emergen C (about 7 more where that came from)
  • Werthers hard candy 👵🏼
  • Gelatin (sometimes put this in oats instead of the collagen)
  • @gardenoflife protein (I try to eat 2 meals plant based a day, this helps keep protein intake up. Also the collagen)
  • Tea from England (What is galangal?!)
  • @kleanathlete Vitamin D (also a Naturemade multi)

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