Life stress = workout stress

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 12.48.40 PM.png

We found out in the middle of my indoor season that Guinness has an incurable tumor, and it will be fatal within a matter of weeks. The whole thing has been so sad. I have never had a dog before, and even though I know they don’t live long, it’s devastating when the end I comes. Especially when it’s abrupt and early like this.

I know I’m a bit off the normal track topics. I’m putting this on the training blog because it has noticeably impacted my training. I’m spending any extra time and energy taking care of him. And while running is a nice escape, my workouts have been inconsistent and sometimes mediocre. I can’t always muster the will to push to those deep places. It’s a reminder that stress has total body impacts, regardless of the source of stressor. So I don’t much care that my workouts are less than ideal. I’m doing what I can given the situation. And I’m grateful for a coach who understands that as well.

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