Find the rhythm

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I love the rhythm and timing of training cycles. 6-8 weeks is enough of a chunk to make gains, but not so long that the work seems endless. And I like the optimism of beginning again. It’s a time to evaluate habits, and try new ones if something isn’t serving (Not just something for New Year’s resolutions!). ⠀ ⠀
After getting over the initial inertia and fear of returning to workouts last week, it’s been nice to get into a routine.
This period is a mini base phase, meaning I’m running more miles per week, a weekly long run of 14-16 miles, and workouts are more strength-based (less rest between intervals…). You’re never meant to feel super sharp, because races are still a ways out.

Consistency is a goal. For me, a perpetual “new cycle” resolution is keeping consistent with my PT and prehab, so my body can handle the workload. Base training is for nothing if you get injured during the phase.

So far, workouts have been manageable. That’s a big difference from last fall. But also makes me wonder if I should be pushing harder. I think that’s a bit of the art of training (and coaching) … knowing where the edge lies. One thing I do know is as the weeks accumulate, so will the fatigue. And workouts will continue to get harder. I’m waiting a bit for that switch to flip, and just want to be as strong and ready as possible when it does. 💪🏼

Photo by David Bracetty

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