Workouts begin


Almost immediately after writing last week’s update, we got the text that workouts began the next morning. I wrote this note after the first workout…

He texts at nine and my heart skips a beat. I feel nervous like the first day of school. One of my first thoughts is: “I’m not ready.” Or I just wish there was more time.
I can’t believe I still get nervous like this after so many years.

I remind myself… just because a thought appears doesn’t make it real. (This is a tricky one. Maybe especially for people who have experienced periods of great mental strength. You get used to being able to accomplish anything you put your mind to, and that’s an incredible high. But then what happens when you are in a building or uncertain phase? If I know that anything I believe about my abilities is true, what do I do when a nervous or scared thought pops up?)

Anyway, back in moment.
Don’t overthink. Go to sleep. Wake up. Make coffee. Two cups of coffee. Go to Nike. See friendly faces (Colleen was back, we heard about Birmingham). And just don’t attach too much meaning to any passing thought. Track tempo followed by 4 x k. Nothing crazy, and my tempo was shorter than the others’, but I finished. And there’s a wave of relief after. (I think I’m still a bit shell-shocked from fall training. Even today, I was waiting for a moment when I’d drop off. Not ideal, but this is a good reminder that I could benefit from starting back with sports psych).

Other than that, we are back to a 7 day cycle… two workouts and long run per week. The intensity will increase, but for now I’m glad to have one week checked off. ✅

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