My Workout Bag – Face Products

This is all the face and body stuff I bring with me to workouts.

  1. Face sunscreen – BEST SUNSCREEN EVER. Mineral sunscreens may be better for you than chemical ones, but they can leave a white/chalky tint because they aren’t really absorbed (that’s good… they work by reflecting UV rays). This one is slightly tinted, so there is no white residue. Plus, while some mineral sunscreens are hard to rub in, the La Roche-Posay formula seriously feels like silk. It’s not cheap, but I use maybe about a dime size for my face, and the bottle lasts about 5-6 months
  2. Body sunscreen – the OG. (I know I just said mineral sunscreens are better¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  3. Sunglasses* – I have a narrow face, these fit without overwhelming.
  4. Hat*
  5. Hair baggie – headbands, bobby pins, hair ties
  6. Nasal strips – I’ve tried the ones you stick into your nose, I prefer these.
  7. Essentials baggie – bandaid, floss, NSAID, neosporin, hair tie, bobby pin, tampon
  8. Face/Body Wipes – I like this brand because it’s the best combo of affordable, natural, and sweet-smelling. It may be cheaper at Target.

My Workout Bag – Shoes and Clothes, 2018

Nike is my shoe and apparel sponsor. If I could only buy one item in each category, here are my favorites.

  • Running mileage shoe – Structure (wide). I’m old school, with a wide toebox!
  • Walking around / lifting / everything shoe – Free RN Flyknit
  • I’m going on a weekend trip and will do short runs or gym classes, but mostly wear this shoe walking for a cute athletic/casual look – tie between Peg Turbo and Epic React Flyknit.
  • Workout or race shoe – Vaporfly. I have to hold myself back working out in these too often, and save the magic for the big days. If I raced roads, I wouldn’t use anything else.
  • Spike – Vic Elite 2. Made for mid-D track racing!
  • Honorable Mention: I’m tired from an interval workout, or my calves are cramping, and I need a shoe that helps me get through the run without stopping in exhaustion or pain (isn’t it fun to be a runner?!) – Zoom Fly

For running apparel, there is always new stuff circulating. I like checking out the lookbooks on the website. Here’s an idea of silhouettes that I like (and that get the job done!):

  • Running tight – Epic Lux
  • Running short – Elevate
  • Running tops – Medalist
  • Cold Weather Long Sleeve – Nike Element Hoodie
  • Outer layer – Therma Sphere (like a high performance hoodie)
  • Rain jacket – Shield
  • Cold weather jacket – Aeroloft
  • Sports Bra – Motion adapt. I’ve never seen a material like this in a sports bra. I don’t know quite how to explain it, it’s more structured than stretchy, and it’s effective (for a high impact B-cup), and doesn’t make you feel like you’re gasping for air. Worth a try.