Apps for Runners

I don’t like extra excuses to stare into a screen, and I try to avoid downloading needless apps. These are the training-related apps I have on my phone, because I believe they help me up my game. I would recommend them to any active person.


  • Road ID – For anyone who trains alone, outdoors. It’s a simple safety check. You just set the time of your run, and one or two emergency contacts. They will get a notification when you start, and an alert if you haven’t returned, or if you stop moving for a set amount of time  (I have mine for 6 minutes). They can click the link in the text to see your GPS location. I use this when I’m running in a new place, or on a more isolated trail..
  • World Air Quality Index Project – Quick access to local air quality charts. This one is especially helpful during fire season. It isn’t a true app, just a mobile website. But they have instructions on how to input your location, and then bookmark the website to your home screen, so it functions like an app.


  • Headspace* – I didn’t meditate with any regularity until the stepwise Headspace system. I still don’t know if what I do is meditating, more like guided rest. Regardless, it is a great way to feel rejuvenated in 10-15 minutes. And I like that it teaches you different techniques to use. These are some packs I have found especially helpful: Competition, Acceptance, Recovery, Managing Anxiety.
  • Timeglass – This is the app I’ve wished existed for years. It allows you to make customized, multistep timers. I have one each for my stretching, rolling, and PT routines. Simple, effective.
  • Clue – ¡¡¡Every menstruating person should do some kind of cycle tracking!!! I spent 12 years not tracking my period, and I wish I had started earlier. It’s interesting to learn patterns (PMS symptoms), nice to not be surprised every month, and very helpful to have a reference if anything goes awry. Plus, I just enjoy using this app; it’s well-designed, even fun :)


  • Audible, Spotify, Podcasts – (not much to say, there are probably better podcast apps)

Fledgling Pro Athlete?

  • Quickbooks Self Employed – Yes, you have to pay a bit, but the receipt tracking alone is worth it. I just take a quick picture of any receipts and the program pulls out the important information, and saves a copy of the image. After dealing with all those crumpled up papers for years, this seems so nice and tidy. The mileage tracking function is also handy.




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