Where to Run – Sacramento


  1. The American River Trail

    • This path is the bread and butter for area runners. The trail runs 32 miles from downtown out to the foothills of the Sierras. We recommend starting anywhere from Sac State out to the east (the whole thing is well-maintained and trafficked, but the area from Sac State to Downtown is a bit more isolated, because there are fewer access points). 
    • Here is a map of areas to park for easy trail access.
    • A note on etiquette – on this path, runners should go on the opposite side of the trail, so they are facing oncoming bike traffic.
    • Sacramento State is a great place to meet the trail close to downtown. Park along University Ave. There is an Insight Coffee and Cafe Bernardo at the Pavilions Shopping Center nearby. And Sellands is a great cafe across the river.
    • Another option a bit further up is to meet at Bella Bru Cafe, and run down Arden to meet the trail at William Pond Park.
    • If you park at Nimbus Fish Hatchery or Folsom, you can catch the hilly section up to Folsom Lake. Folsom has a cute historic downtown to explore.
  2. William Land Park

    • This is a pretty, three mile dirt path around a park and golf course. It’s nice for a quick jog, and close to downtown.
    • Vics Cafe has good breakfast burritos nearby.

  3. Midtown soft loop and food

    1. You can get a one mile loop around McKinley Park or the State Capitol.
    2. Midtown has all the good food and drink options. For coffee, try Identity or one of the Temple locations, or Insight. I like Pushkin’s or Cafe Bernardo for brunch.
Photo by David Bracetty

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